StormGuard Tilt & Turn Windows

  • StormGuard Tilt and Turn Windows

Alu-Clad Tilt & Turn Windows

Our Alu-Clad Timber Tilt & Turn StormGuard Window range is an innovative new window system manufactured from a modern aluminium and timber material.

Reveal Doors and Windows Alu-Clad Timber Tilt & Turn StormGuard Windows are an ideal choice if you live in a traditional property, or in a conservation area, where the same style has to be retained for planning regulations.  They are beautifully built and hand-finished by our expert craftsman to maintain a totally original look.

With a Hurricane Proof Rating of Category 5 (wind speeds in excess of 157 miles per hour) this is truly a unique and inspiring solution where your home is in an exposed environment.  While you admire the aesthetics on the outside, you can enjoy thermal and acoustic brilliance and the very latest security innovations inside too.

The locking mechanism has seven points around the vent operated by three handles.  For additional security, especially on upper floors, the bottom handle can be removed to restrict the opening to the Tilt position only.

Maintenance is also kept to a minimum, with an easy clean material and design that avoids sharp corners.


Our Alu-Clad Timber Tilt and Turn StormGuard Windows are ideally suited to residential or commercial use with the following specification, creating endless configurations to meet most needs: –

  • Opening in tilt & turn
  • Attractive offering typical sightlines of only 94mm
  • Frame width of 100mm
  • Contemporary chamfered sash
  • Stylish ironmongery with secure multipoint locking
  • Marine Grade Quality Polyester powder organic coated aluminium to 60 microns to BS 6496
  • High-quality PEFC sourced European timber
  • Glazing from 24mm for double or up to 49mm for triple glazed units
  • Exceeds Building Regulations Document L 2010
  • Overall Thermal Performance of typically 1.2 W/m2K
  • Typically window energy “A” rating
  • Air Permeability to EN 12207: 2000:- Class 4 600Pa
  • Water tightness to EN 12208: 2000:- Class 9A 600Pa
  • Resistance to Wind Load to EN 12211: 2000: – Class P3+ 4800Pa
  • Category 5 Storm Proof

Alu-Clad Timber Tilt & Turn Stormguard (Vent Sizes)

  • Maximum Width 2088mm
  • Minimum Width 388mm
  • Maximum Height 2388mm
  • Minimum Height 488mm

Maximum weight

  • Maximum Weight 90Kg

Vent sizes can as ever be arranged in an array of configurations with very large windows being coupled together when requiring something larger overall.

Three Handles

Alu-Clad Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

Optional Bars

Astragal Bars

Secure Locking

High Security Locking

Colours Galore

Alu-Clad Timber StormGuard Colours Wheel