Bi-Folding Door Configurations-Open Out

Vista Plus Aluminium Door Configurations

The versatility of our Vista Plus Aluminium Door system ensures you can maintain the same aesthetic look should you have Bi-Folding, French or Single doors manufactured and installed in your property.

We have prepared some notes to help you understand better the configuration drawings so as to be able to make a more informed choice.  If you need any additional advice then please do not hesitate in contacting us by telephone, email, our Request A Callback or Get A Quote links.

Using the blue tabs to the left hand side of these notes will show the configurations with additional details.

  • The point of the dashed lines on the door leaf is the position of the hinge with the opposite side being the handle position.
  • Where there is a Master Leaf Symbol symbol on the door leaf this indicates that this is a master or traffic door, being the door you would open first.
  • The arrow symbol indicates the direction in which the doors slide.
  • We always work on a “Viewed From Outside” basis.