Locks & Security

Reveal Doors and Windows only use the highest security tested locks on all our residential bi-folding and sliding aluminium doors.

Please watch the video below showing how a lock from Reveal lasts a lot more than 9.2 seconds.


Using the Ultion lock by Brisant Secure on all our residential bi-folding and sliding aluminium doors – “security as standard means peace of mind for you and your family”.

Ultion’s confidence in their 3-Star, Sold Secure Diamond lock even comes with a £1000 guarantee that if an intruder breaks into your home by snapping the cylinder they will pay you £1000.  Simply register your lock free with Ultion directly.

Ultion Lock Down ModeLooking at the latest data for the Crime Survey in England and Wales (2017) from the Office of National Statistics shows:-

  • 75% of successful break-ins are through the door
  • 43% of burglaries are by forcing the lock
  • 54% of successful break-ins happen when someone is at home
  • 26% of people will come into contact with the intruder
  • Half of those that do are threatened with violence although this is not necessarily carried out

Protects For LongerAlmost half (49%) of all successful break-ins are through the front door with the vast majority being during the week (65%) on an evening/night (55%).  This is why it is important to ensure your doors are locked, keys are not left in doors, and security alarms are set at the very least.

The video above shows how quickly someone can break into your home with nothing more than a pair of pliers and snap the lock to gain entry via a standard lock in 9.2 seconds, hence why Reveal doesn’t sell them residential.

All too often people do not consider the security of their homes beyond the basics i.e. the lock.  Very few have enhanced alarm systems, and very few would consider changing their doors other than when undertaking general home improvements.

Ultion 11 PinsThe Benefits of using our Ultion locks is:-

  • £1000 Guarantee against snapping
  • 3-Star TS007:2014 test rating
  • Sold Secure Diamond standard
  • Master Locksmith Association tested
  • 294,970 different combinations
  • 11 pins, 6 hardened steel rods and 2 plates both ends
  • Double anti-snap protection
  • Molybdenum core, 25% denser than iron

That is why it’s so important to ensure that the lock itself is of quality and meets the highest standard to reduce the chances of someone breaking into your home.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us here at Reveal Doors & Windows on 0113 386 9207 or click the icons to request a call back or for a quotation.

As we said Reveal Doors & Windows take pride in the security of our customers bi-folding and sliding aluminium doors by always using a 3 Star TS007 Sold Secure Diamond tested cylinder (the highest test available!).