Thermal Efficiency – U-values

16The thermal efficiency of a building is measured by its overall U-value.

The better the U-value (smaller the number the better) the less heat transfers to outside as a heat loss.

As all our doors have a glazing element of greater than 50% the allowable U-value in England and Wales is 1.8W/m2K or better and in Scotland it is 1.6W/m2K or better.

Aluminium Bifolding Door

For windows at present it is 2.0W/m2K for new dwellings and 1.6W/m2K for replacement windows.

The above is stated for residential properties which all our doors and windows meet or considerably exceed.

If you are carrying out a new build, please do discuss this with the company carrying out your SAP* calculations and come to the best compromise overall especially with new regulations coming into force in April 2014.

(SAP stands for “Standard Assessment Procedure”, which is the Government’s approved procedure for energy rating domestic dwellings. Each property being awarded a rating between 1 to 100, although a property (dwelling) may exceed 100 with the assistance of using renewable technology.