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Aluminium Casement Windows RVCS60

Aluminium Casement Windows RVCS60 are increasingly more popular, as to complement our ranges we have carefully manufactured an exclusive range of aluminium casement windows for our customers, to bring out the contemporary side of your home.

By only using the most rigorously tested and slim-line aluminium frames, you’re guaranteed a larger glass area to allow more natural light to stream into your home.

The natural qualities of aluminium – light, yet strong and corrosion-proof – mean that even though our frames are slimmer, they still exceed the British Standards for weather performance and security.

To add to that contemporary look, our aluminium casement windows can be directly fitted into your home’s brickwork, or use a sub-frame if you prefer a traditional feel as well.

We have installed these Aluminium Casement Windows in Harrogate, York, Leeds, and can design, manufacture, and install our entire range anywhere in Yorkshire.

Aluminium Casement Window RVCS60 Specification

Our Aluminium Casement Windows RVCS60 are ideally suited to residential or commercial use with the following specification, creating endless configurations to meet most needs:-

•Opening out, side hung or top hung

•Attractive offering typical sightlines of only 85mm

•Frame width of 60mm

•Internally beaded in many configurations

•Flat sash option to compliment bi-fold and sliding doors

•Chamfered sash option to be more contemporary

•Stylish ironmongery with secure multipoint locking

•Marine Grade Quality Polyester powder organic coated aluminium to 60 microns to BS 6496

•Glazing in 28mm double glazed or 40mm triple glazed units

•Exceeds Building Regulations Document L 2010

•Overall Thermal Performance of typically 1.6 W/m2K

•Air Permeability to BS EN 1026: 2000:-  Class 4 600Pa

•Watertightness to BS EN 1027: 2000:- Class E 750Pa

•Resistance to Wind Load to BS EN 12211: 2000: – Class 5 2000Pa

Side Hung (Vent Sizes)

•Maximum Width 700mm

•Minimum Width 350mm

•Maximum Height 1400mm

•Minimum Height 350mm

•Maximum Weight 40Kg

Top Hung (Maximum Vent Sizes)

•Maximum Width 1400mm

•Minimum Width 350mm

•Maximum Height 1500mm

•Minimum Height 200mm

•Maximum Weight 50Kg

Vent sizes can as ever be arranged in and array of configurations with very large windows being bolted together when requiring something larger overall.

Whatever your aluminium casement window requirements, unless you’re after a bigger vent size then our Aluminium Casement Windows can’t be beaten on quality and value for money with great performance.

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