How We Do It?

Whatever your size project we understand the importance it has to you.

Having 30+ year’s experience in the construction industry delivering projects from a few hundred pounds to multi millions, means we at Revel know the importance of understanding what you want to have at the end when we have finished the project, so you can then enjoy the long term benefits of fantastically designed, manufactured and installed bi-folding/sliding doors and windows.

Being here to help you choose the best solution for you is our first priority and we equally understand the investment verse long term benefits.

Making sure your happy with final quote, is therefore the most important thing we can help you with, as the rest is then under our control to deliver you beautiful doors and windows that are manufactured and installed to the highest of standards, that you just can’t wait to show your neighbours and friends.


We are happy to receive your enquiry for your bi-folding doors, sliding doors and windows in whatever way you wish, be it a phone call, a fag packet sketch or a full blown architects drawing.

The Reveal team will then help get the detail of what you need ensuring you end up with the right solution to meet your needs and your pocket.


All our quotations are valid for 30days and are sufficiently detailed, giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with an open and honest business you would expect from a company called Reveal Doors & Windows.

Customer Acceptance & Deposit

Here’s the slightly more detailed bit, all based on your quotation, what we say here at Reveal is no question is every a silly question so ask as much as you like until your entirely happy.

Our aim is to manufacture and install something just how you expected it to be, no horrible little surprises, we even ask you never to sign until it’s exactly what you want, after which the deposit is then required.

You then get to enjoy the long term benefits of our fantastically designed, manufactured and installed sliding doors, bi-folding doors and windows, long after we have finished our bit.

Site Survey

Making sure the site and location is as it was intended, of course we take all the precise measurements with all the latest laser equipment, check everything is level and plumb, along with a full health and safety risk assessment/method statement for access and installation and of course how to protect what we need to carry out the works in a clean and professional manner.

We also at this point just make sure the order doesn’t need tweaking as to ensure its what is needed, if so a revised order acknowledgement may be required.


We manufacture all our doors and windows here in the UK, so you can be sure of the quality you’re going to receive.

Every door and window manufacturing drawings and specification is briefed into the factory team, ensuring at all times we are working off the same hymn sheet you want your end product delivered to.

On manufacturing completion of your sliding/bi-folding door or windows, all products are individually quality check against the manufacturing drawings and your order acknowledgement, finally photos and for doors a video is taken of the door in full perfect working order before being disassembled if required and packaging applied.

Ensuring you have the peace of mind knowing the product meets your specification before in leaves our UK factories.


Your sliding doors, bi-folding doors and windows are very carefully packaged as to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

The balance of your payment is then due prior to despatch.


We like to think the way we install doors and windows in the way we would like it done if it was our own house and each installation is from the first point of survey considered this way.

Choosing us to carry out the installation guarantees you get to enjoy the long term benefits of smooth running, relatively maintenance free sliding and bi-folding doors, with a 12 month maintenance visit by the same level experienced fitters.

Most windows of a reasonable size can be installed by most competent and suitably experienced trade persons, however sliding doors and bi-folding doors in most cases, do need a lot more product specific experience to get it just perfect for you.

With our knowledge of this we don’t fit products other than the ones we sell or are in partnership with, meaning all our installers are not only familiar with the quarks of each product, they have also been thoroughly trained for that precise solution and for those special type of projects then a pre-install brief takes place a good week prior as to ensure we maintain our right first time snag/defect free methodology.


Having carried out your installation, of your bi-folding doors, sliding doors or windows our fitting team carry out a 15 point quality check, ensuring that everything is just how it should be.

Our lead fitter will then run through the doors and windows working , demonstrating the best way to operate them, demonstrate any maintenance and hand over keys etc, only once your 100% happy your installation meets what we agreed as part of the order acknowledgement, do we then ask you to sign  our installation quality sign off sheet.

12 Months Service

With your installation we carry out a complimentary aftercare visit at the 12 months point following installation of your bi-folding doors, sliding doors and windows, which further help us ensure you get the best enjoyment and long term benefits of fantastically designed, manufactured and installed bi-folding/sliding doors and windows (terms & conditions apply).

10 Year Warranty

All installations come complete with a 10 Year warranty (terms & conditions apply).

Supply only products come with the usual 12 months warranty.