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Solarlux by Reveal in Yorkshire

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As your Solarlux Approved Partner for Yorkshire.

All your Solarlux’s products are manufactured in Solarlux’s state of the art, purpose built factory in Melle, Germany.

Everything is truly bespoke to your requirements, being custom-built in the factory from the very beginning of the process right to the final delivery to your site.

Unlike our own aluminium products which are manufactured in our own factory in Pudsey, Leeds. All your Solarlux products are custom built and fully finished by their team in Germany.

Just like buying a Porsche, you get it exactly as the manufacturer meant it to be when they 110% completed it at their own factory.

Providing you with peace of mind that everything, from the frame, glass, rollers, handles and every single component is made for you by Solarlux to the very highest standards.

Solarlux by Reveal means we now provide another level up of products to our own locally manufactured aluminium products here in Yorkshire.

Still maintaining and delivering the same great customer experience by focusing locally in all the cities, towns and villages across the county of Yorkshire.

Being the Porsche of doors and most definitely the only manufacturer providing wintergardens Solarlux’s methodology and innovative design, means their German manufactured products are the very best in Europe if not the World.

Solarlux is also the acclaimed inventor of the bi-folding door, that’s a story for another time…

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