Trickle Ventilation

Building Regulations documents F 2010 version came into effect on 1st October 2010 ensuring there is adequate ventilation to areas which are occupied, so isn’t required for storage areas, areas which people don’t normally use and garages when part of a single dwelling.

This could be accomplished via mechanical ventilation system, which is more energy efficient as you are able to have heat recovery, which would need to be part of your overall building design, or as we are going to touch on here “Trickle Ventilation” so if you are having a mechanical ventilation system then those areas if they meet document F, do not need trickle ventilation.

As ever your architect or Building Control person will offer specific advice and ensure your works do comply with all the required building regulations, which can be all found at

Trickle Ventilators are a way of allowing air to pass through the window or door, usually installed to the top, with each type and size providing a specific amount of “Equivalent Area –E/A” allowing air to pass both ways when open.

This then allows windows and where required doors to meet the building regulations documents F by complying with the amount of equivalent area required for the habitable room usage and the dwelling overall.

Trickle Ventilators come in several designs, sizes and colours, generally we offer white and black powder coated aluminium from the Titon Range which is an industry leading manufacturer for trickle ventilators for all  windows, bi-fold doors and sliding doors.