Cero Sliding Doors

Cero Sliding Doors

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Cero Sliding Doors offer every possibility required from architecturally demanding buildings from a constructive and creative point of view which is why there the choice for architects who are looking for the top end engineered products for any client demanding the very best.

Light, material, space and nature speak for themselves and the borders between interior and exterior melt away.

Narrow frames and sections support the maximum transparency of the elements. A mere 34mm of profile width gives a symmetrical and minimalist design, emphasised by 98% glass.

Extremely large glass panels up to 15m2

Cero is tested and be certified to the highest security standards (RC2 and RC3)

A 2 point rod locking system with adjustable locking points and a hub of 24mm in the upper running and guide rails is standard.

The range of combination options for cero sliding, fixed and corner elements is almost limitless.

They offer an astounding degree of creative freedom in terms of design, and are suitable for any floor plan.

Flush Frames

Glazing Options


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