Why Reveal

If you want doors and windows from the range of products we offer and you want the job done right first time at a competitive price, then you have just found Reveal which does what it says on the tin.
Most of us are Yorkshire born and our base is also in Yorkshire so you can see where this is going as in we say it as it is, open and honest and we do our very best each time and every time.
Having 30+ years experience in the construction and glazing industry delivering projects from a few hundred pounds to multi millions, means we at Revel Doors & Windows know the importance of understanding what you want to have at the end when we have finished the project, so you can then enjoy the long term benefits of fantastically designed, manufactured and installed bi-folding doors, sliding doors and windows in aluminium or timber.
The reason Reveal exists is our own personal experiences of not getting the job we wanted when building our own house, which some of our friends say it should have been on grand designs even though it’s not that grand.
We ourselves found it a little bit more difficult than we imagined, getting a quote and then the doors and windows that we wanted to the standard we wanted in the way we wanted and we are not talking about price.
Delivery period wasn’t an issue as we understood things like this do take time and you need to be patient in getting something so important right.
What we ended up finding from the companies we approached was that the manufacturing wasn’t that bad but the customer service, advice and installation was appalling.
All of which is from our perspective of being designers, project managers and the like for over 30+ years in construction and glazing and past experiences of running successful businesses and making failing businesses successful again starts with what we said at the beginning as in doing what it says on the tin.
We are always here to help but we are equally honest enough to say no, for things we don’t do or believe may not work correctly, don’t get us wrong we are not scarred of a challenge as we always get a buzz out of doing something extraordinary.
Having spent most of our lives doing difficult projects, it’s about agreeing what is possible, in the most cost effective way and then planning it together as to manage the risks that potentially made us think it was difficult in the first place!
Reveals people are all handpicked to deliver what we say in the Reveal way and it’s not just a skill or experience thing, it’s the way we all are, in that we care as every single bi-folding doors, sliding doors and windows project needs to be equally if not better than our last best one.
Our open culture means we are all equal and able to benefit from honest feedback, delivering our own continuous improvement as that’s how our products, manufacturing, installation and customer aftercare is honestly some of the best you can get, especially as we are from Yorkshire.
Helping sure you are happy with final quote, is the most important thing we can help you with, as the rest is then under our control to deliver you beautiful doors and windows that are manufactured and installed to the highest of standards, that you just can’t wait to show your neighbours and friends.
If we offer what you’re looking for, from bi-folding doors, sliding doors or windows in aluminium or timber then please do give us a call and have the peace of mind you have just chosen the right business to get the job done right first time at a competitive price.