Craven is centred around the market town of Skipton,  it encompasses some of the most rural district of North Yorkshire such as Settle and Skipton.

Craven is often referred to as the “The Gateway to the Dales”  due to its expanse of farmland and beautiful countryside.

Rural towns have become ever more popular as people’s desire to commute to work through balancing the ability to live within the cleaner greener space.

The ability to purchase derelict farm buildings or restore old architectural buildings left to disrepair is ever more popular with programs such as Grand Designs and Restoration Man allowing people to explore what can be done with an old water tower for example.

Our timber external sliding patio  doors can enchant any rugged farmhouse in North Yorkshire, or indeed with the ability to manufacture and install aluminium bi-folding and sliding doors to those areas where the weather maybe harsher over the winter.

Reveal doors and windows, have the perfect aluminium or timber bi-fold or sliding door solution for your home.