Aluminium Curtain Walling

Aluminium Curtain Walling

Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facades are becoming ever more popular within the residential markets, where architects strive to create outstanding showpieces with glass and glazing within new builds.

Our customers are requesting Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facades to glaze entire elevations which are made up purely of aluminium and glass.

Innovate Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facades is really increasing within the UK new build market, entire glass walls, various shapes and designs can be accommodated.  The scope and capabilities of aluminium allows us to turn your designs into a reality.

Create something spectacular that allows light to flow through your home whilst being secure and, working with experienced professionals, designed specifically to suit your home.


Our Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facades are ideally suited for residential and commercial use, providing economic glazed facades of all sizes creating endless configurations to meet most needs, with the following specification,:-

  • Compatible with most of our doors and windows
  • Attractive offering typical sightlines of only 55mm
  • Marine Grade Quality Polyester powder organic coated aluminium to 60 microns to BS 6496
  • Glazing in 28mm double or 32mm triple glazed units
  • Exceeds Building Regulations Document L 2010
  • Overall Thermal Performance of typically 1.6 W/m2K
  • Air Permeability to BS EN 1026: 2000:- Class 4 600Pa
  • Watertightness to BS EN 1027: 2000:- Class 9A 600Pa
  • Resistance to Wind Load to BS EN 12211: 2000: – Class 3 2400Pa

Please note that all bi-folding doors and sliding doors do not provide structural support in anyway and to create open glazed facades with doors in them does require the incorporation of suitably sized steelwork (provided by others).

Whatever your Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facade requirements, the opportunities to create something truly amazing with the incorporation of Aluminium Curtain Walling-Glazed Facades into your building is an economic way if you want that wow factor over and above our fabulous bi-folding doors, sliding doors and windows.

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