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Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Doors - Two Pane & Four Pane

Attractive and modern, Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Doors – Two Pane & Four Pane make an eye catching and bold statement for any home.

Focusing on stunning glass areas which are highlighted by bold Alu-Clad section create a streamline and clean aesthetic look.

Our Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Doors deliver excellent thermal efficiency, using the latest thermal barrier technology, which are tested to the highest standards to guarantee reliability.

Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Doors have enabled the creation of large sliding sashes and glazed areas which flood any space with natural light.

Also available with four panes for larger width openings in your home.


Our Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Doors are ideally suited to residential or commercial use with the following specification: –

  • Sliding left or right
  • Single sliding door over fixed light
  • Attractive offering typical sightlines of only 123mm
  • Frame width of 172mm
  • Contemporary chamfered sash
  • Stylish ironmongery with secure multipoint locking
  • Marine Grade Quality Organic Polyester powder coated aluminium to 60 microns
  • High-quality PEFC sourced European timber
  • Glazing from 24mm for double or up to 49mm for triple glazed units
  • Exceeds Building Regulations Document L 2010
  • Overall Thermal Performance of typically 1.2 W/m2K
  • Air Permeability to EN 12207: 2000:- Class 4 600Pa
  • Water tightness to EN 12208: 2000:- Class 9A 600Pa
  • Resistance to Wind Load to EN 12211: 2000: – Class C3 1200Pa

Minimum/maximum dimensions

  • Maximum Height 2388mm
  • Minimum Height 1650mm
  • Maximum Width 3988mm (Two Pane) or 7988mm (Four Pane)
  • Minimum Width 1388mm (Two Pane) or 2788mm (Four Pane)

Maximum weight

  • Maximum Pane Weight 135Kg (Two Pane) or 80Kg (Four Pane)

Sidelights and fanlights are available specifically designed to match the Alu-Clad Timber Sliding Patio Door – Two Pane & Four Pane outer frame.

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