How Are Curtain Walls Fixed?

Aluminium Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is designed to allow both high and wide expanses of glazing to be installed into a building. It is becoming more popular with home owners looking to add a touch of class to their property with almost unlimited applications.

Unlike aluminium doors and windows however curtain walling is not only manufactured differently but also installed differently. Hopefully we will be able to inform you of how curtain walls are fixed and what EPDM is and its use.

So How Do We Fix Curtain Walls?

Curtain walling is what is known as a stick build system where each vertical and horizontal section can be manufactured quickly and installed individually. The use of the word curtain comes from the fact that the frames are not directly fixed but are hung using sleeve inserts and brackets.

The sleeve inserts and brackets are designed and specified by qualified structural engineers as curtain walling has to be able to withstand the elements having larger exposed facets and panes of glass.

The diagram below is a typical design of the method used to fix curtain walling in to position. The various component parts of the curtain wall system are identified and sealing using EPDM is shown.

Curtain Walling and EPDM at Front Base

What Are EPDM Gaskets?

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or put simply is a synthetic rubber used in many industries. The EPDM as used in the diagram above is a membrane that is inserted into the capping and then bonded to the building structure.

EPDM gaskets offer an additional means of sealing the curtain walling and reducing the chances of air and water entering the building. They are highly resistant to water, ozone and ageing which makes them an ideal solution for external applications.

Most of the gaskets within an aluminium door, window or curtain wall are manufactured from EPDM due to its cost effectiveness and ecological benefits. Natural rubber is made from tree sap so developing a synthetic product that performs as well as natural rubber is better.

Closing Comments

Although curtain walling has typically been used within the commercial sector it is now becoming a design choice for many homeowners. When deciding to have a tall or wide structure with lots of glass it is important to ensure the aluminium curtain wall fixing and EPDM sealing is correctly designed.

As with any project you have to be confident that the company you are working with understands the benefits of large span glass facades and the technical knowledge of how to install them. Reveal Doors & Windows work with many architects and property developers that appreciate our expertise.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and there is enough information for you to make an informed choice. For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us here at Reveal Doors and Windows. We are always happy to help you and discuss your requirements in further detail.