Floor Levels – Thresholds – Cills

When planning your project the finished floor level is vitally important being the final height of any floor level including all floor coverings such as carpet, tiles or timber etc.

Therefore the top threshold height of your sliding door or bi-fold door can be set out as to finish level with your internal final finished floor level for opening out doors with a weather rated threshold, making a smooth transition to outside whilst still having a fully weather rated door.

Low level thresholds can create level access internally or using the weathered threshold above with a cill where a more stringent weather rating is required.

Please do speak to your building control person as they generally like to work to the letter of the rules having a 150mm height difference down from inside to outside as to have the entire external area  below your damp proof course (DPC).

This however can usually be negotiated away with your building control person by the introduction of a grated trench drain within 150mm of the threshold, along the entire length of the doors, draining the threshold into the trench drain via a small pipe.

All small items, but necessary to get you the finished job so you can then enjoy the long term benefits of fantastically designed, manufactured and installed bi-folding doors or sliding doors in aluminium or timber in just the way you imaged them to be.

Aco do a range of drains and also a slot type drain which we have come across on many commercial projects, which look pretty good, however you also need to build access hatches into this, take a look at http://www.acoaus.com.au/drain/

Whatever your needs rest assured we can help you and advise as to get to the best possible solution to meet your specific needs for your sliding or bi-fold doors.