Glazing can come in as many different variations as the doors and windows. Please do invest a few minutes here having a look at these main considerations as to help you as choose the right glazing solution to meet your specific requirements, which we will help you choose from such leading brands as Pilkington and Saint Gobain (Planitherm).

Aluminium Bifolding Door

Toughened Safety Glass

All Reveal doors incorporate toughened safety glass and windows adjacent to doors or where they are below 800mm from the floor, ensuring they offer the highest level of safety, including should by an unfortunate accident then the glass breaks into small pieces rather than leaving dangerous shards.

Laminate Toughened Glass

In some circumstances we also recommend laminate glass which is a thin invisible plastic interlayer in between two pieces of toughened glass, providing a further safety feature of keeping all the glass together and also providing a greater degree of UV protection.

Low Emissivity Glass (low-E glass)

As standard all our glass for doors and windows is treated with a special invisible coating to reflect heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the glass. Whilst allowing free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room and further contributing to the energy efficiency.

Gas Filled – Argon

All our double and triple glazed units for bi-fold doors, sliding doors or windows when used externally come filled with argon gas as standard, further reducing head loss and wasted money on energy bills.

Warm Edge Super Spacer

Our super warm edge spacer technology comes as standard, reducing the amount of heat passing through the edge of the glass in our doors and windows and further reducing the risk of condensation on those particularly cold days.

Solar Control (g-value)

Whilst it’s important to allow heat into a building, it is equally important depending on the location and orientation of your bi-fold doors, sliding doors and windows to consider the need for some form of solar control as to ensure internally it doesn’t become unbearably hot.

Utilising glass with different solar control coatings provides you with a range of options and inherent features and tints to suit any environment.

The lower the glass solar factor (g-value), the more heat is reflected from entering the building, thus reducing how warm it gets inside and in many circumstances removing the need for reflective blinds/air conditioning.

Low Iron Glass

In some circumstances and when using ultimate film, then we would recommend the use of investing in low iron glass, providing a higher transparency than clear float glass. This is achieved by removing most of the iron oxide from the materials used to produce the glass at the manufacturing stage.

Glass U-Values

A U-value is the amount of heat transferred/lost through the glass based on a square meter of that material, we therefore only need to really use single glazed units internally and double or triple glazed units externally, which we can offer in a range of U-values to suit the different ranges of bi-fold doors, sliding doors and windows to meet your own specific requirements.