Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade

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Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades

The Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade is suitable for residential use being tested to the relevant British Standard for Domestic use.  By utilising 2500mm sections that can be linked together and go around corners our Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades are ideal for providing a protective barrier around elevated patios and balconies.

With no frame or handrail and with a smooth finish to the edge of the glass these are truly stunning to look at, or through, when sitting in the sun on your patio.  Utilising thick laminated glass of 17.5mm means that should someone collide with the balustrade it will return to the original position.  Laminated glass is a security glass that does not shatter like toughened safety glass but remains intact.

To add to the appeal our Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades are also available with LED lighting in a range of colours.  Something different and something definitely to be the envy of your neighbours.


Our Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades are ideally suited to residential use with the following specification:-

  • Attractive, slim-line profiles offering sightlines of only 79mm
  • Frame Height of only 120mm (base-fixed) or 180mm (side-fixed)
  • Marine Grade Quality Polyester powder organic coated aluminium to 60 microns to BS 6496
  • 5mm toughened laminated clear glass with 1.5mm SentryGlass® Interlayer (SGP) at 1100mm high from bottom of balustrade shoe
  • Maximum Section Height 1100mm from finished floor level (including shoe)
  • Maximum Section Width 2500mm (multiple sections can be connected to give a greater span)
  • Tested to BS6180:2011 Clause 6.4.1 with a total load of .74KN and maximum deflection of 25mm with 100% Recovery “Domestic & Not subject to overcrowding”

Whatever your Frameless Glass Balustrade requirements, the Infinity from Reveal Doors and Windows can’t be beaten on quality and value for money.

LED It Shine

Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades LED Lighting

Secure Glazing

Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade Security Glazing

Solid Construction

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Clean Lines

Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrades Clean Lines