Monte Carlo or Bust – 4 Days In A Banger!

At Reveal it’s not all about doors and windows, it’s about getting the balance right.

Day One –  So on May 30th  a team of 11  guys, who represent Harrogate Round Table and Harrogate 41 Club and our Managing Director David Weaver decided to have the bright idea of competing in “Monte Carlo or Bust Rally 2019”. The rules are simple – buy a car/banger – No more than £ 500 and drive it from home (Leeds) to Monte Carlo. simple !

So day one commenced at 7am with 4  British Jaguars  were chosen for this exciting challenge.

The cars were loaded and ready to go, sadly by 8.30 am 4 cars became 3 think unfortunately one of the Jags developed a problem with its engine so was nursed to its resting spot an industrial estate in Leeds awaiting recovery.

Never to be deterred the 3 remaining cars commenced the journey and by 12 midnight they successfully made it to the registration point in Namur in Belgium to commence the race.

The end of day one was relatively successful however  one of the cars developed a leak on its radiator will survive today’s journey of 455Km or approximately 5 hours to Breisgau in Germany- for Day Two

 Day 2 – As you recall the guys started the journey with 4 No £500 Jaguars and had lost one within the first hour of the journey.

Yesterday’s challenge was to reach Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany a 450Km journey which in theory should take 5 hours!

Having finally reached the hotel in the early hours of Friday morning, one of the cars had developed a leak on the radiator which needed to be watched and topped up. T

he guys were upbeat having rested the 11 guys, were ready to go! So the 3 cars set off from Namur in Belgium but 45 mins into the journey Jaguar 3 died!

A nice mechanic from Houyet in Belgium said he would take the piece of British history from the guys, so that is where its final resting place will remain. 11 guys in 2 cars – urmm what to do? obviously hire a Peugeot as a support vehicle and that’s what they did.

They arrived at 9.30pm last night after a slightly challenging day ready for Day 3 Breisgau to Menaggio in Italy.

Don’t worry they didn’t go hungry one of the cars brought their own bar and bangers for the trip… Their on the road Day 3

Day Three  So they made it to Day 3 – having reached Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany today journey would be simply stunning as their mission was to reach Lake Como in Italy.

It would take on some of the most beautiful scenery but also the most dangerous the passing of Gottard Pass.

The two remaining Jaguars were in relatively good health and touch wood playing ball, the support Peugeot at times struggled to keep up.

A Journey of 359Km or approximately 5 hours seemed to be quite easy in comparison to the previous 2 days.

Unfortunately the Gottard Pass was closed due to risk of avalanches but they did drive through a rather impressive tunnel, so a few images to show what I mean.

Their tired, sometimes grumpy but enjoying the experience. Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone and experience something new You only live once!

Day 4 The Finish Line :- So the guys from Harrogate made it to the finish line in Nice in France, doing Yorkshire proud!

Out of the 4 cars that started the race in Yorkshire 2 made it to finish point in Nice.

The rules state that the cars should be scrapped on completion of the competition but given that the old Jags made it, then rightly so they both deserved to be saved from the scrapyard.

Best of all there’s a happy ending for the two remaining; Jag 2 is making its way back to Yorkshire with Rick Lawson from FTAV in Harrogate at the helm, taking a more leisurely drive back to Yorkshire with his wife landing back on Thursday.

Jag 3 the V8 arrived in Avignon performing superbly, this has gone onto have a new life in France with friends of Steve Turners who have lived in France for the last 10 years.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and it’s important to get the balance right in work and fun! PS – If your interested in Round Table David would be delighted to introduce you to any Table here in Great Britain & Ireland or any of the other 40 Countries – Being A Past National Membership Director His Passion For What Round Table Can Do For Individuals & Surrounding Communities Still Beats Strong.