Switch Glass

Glazing can come in as many different variations as the doors and windows. Please do invest a few minutes here having a look at these main considerations as to help you as choose the right glazing solution to meet your specific requirements, which we will help you choose from such leading brands as Pilkington and Saint-Gobain (Planitherm).

Toughened Safety Glass

All Reveal doors incorporate toughened safety glass and windows adjacent to doors or where they are below 800mm from the floor, ensuring they offer the highest level of safety, including should by an unfortunate accident then the glass breaks into small pieces rather than leaving dangerous shards.

Laminate Toughened Glass

In some circumstances we also recommend laminate glass which is a thin invisible plastic interlayer in between two pieces of toughened glass, providing a further safety feature of keeping all the glass together and also providing a greater degree of UV protection.

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